Invention makes the world turn. And sometimes it feels like you have to turn it by hand.

The invention process is a personal thing. One human being creating something from deep inside. It can be isolated. It can be shared with a group. It is something that could be known or used all over the world one day. No wonder they call it the eureka moment. How would that make you feel?

It is a heady but workable mix of brilliance, backing and bullishness that fuels innovation and it is everything that drives our modern world into the future.

Innovation is not limited to a white whiskered eccentric wheeling his latest contraption from a shed at the end of the garden. It need not be planned or even desired. It can be a fluke or a mistake. Innovation can be an accountant discovering a shortcut within an audit process ; a programmer automating a process ; a chef creating a new taste combination ; a musician and a new song ; an artist ; an astronaut ; a teacher finding a way into the mind of a troubled child ; a product that makes life easier.

Innovation is all around and has always been.

Some of the best ideas bestowed on man have never seen and will never see the light of day. Their creator may not be serious about it. He may be serious but have no defined way of progressing it. He may be too busy. It may be unworkable. It may be forgotten. It may fail. Too many ideas have never had the chance to find out.

Invention Shop is the first and only true engine designed to facilitate the invention process from start to finish by putting together those with ideas and those that have the means and the will to help turn those ideas into reality. It is an engine that evolves and grows with its users. This is not a get rich quick guide. This is not a promise. This is an intelligent mechanism that you work with as you see fit. This gives you the opportunity to give it a go.

If you want to give it a go get in touch.

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